We are...

people-centric, results-focused

The social media system

…is a complex network of applications and features

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What we’re about…

The Social Media Factory

… we have the raw materials essential for businesses to succeed in social media

Interest in social media

has quadrupled in the past five years.

The talk

We can talk the lingo. But you want to know in plain language what we offer.

Whatever the size of your company you want to connect with people who impact your business.

You want to communicate effectively and efficiently with your customers, vendors and employees. Our services can help you.

Our specialties

Harris Social Media specializes in five industries:
• Science and technology
• Publishing
• Education
• Travel
• Finance
We also specialize in helping businesses develop international B2B connections. We have expertise in helping companies grow their businesses between the US, the UK and Latin America.

Small business? Read on...

If you are local to North Carolina, get in touch via Thumbtack

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