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A passion for pirates

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Quote of the Day, Dec 12, 2008

I think a lot about passion, and what it means for making the most out of our all-too-brief lives. So I particularly like this view from Chris Brogan who offers advice to social media pros wanting to know how to navigate the treacherous economic waters in the coming months. Think like a pirate, he says. Basically, be opportunistic, and focus on goals not tools. But above all, be “hungry” as Chris says. Your passionate hunger will put you above the crowd. Uh oh, you don’t feel passionate about what you do? You’re in the wrong business (wrong project, wrong job, etc.) and it’s time to get out. Time to walk the plank, arrr!

“…the point is this: get hungry. Figure out the goal, that thing you’re going to claw your way towards, and set that goal on FIRE. Make it a blazing beacon that guides you in all decisions.”

— Chris Brogan
The Beauty of Pirate Ships

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