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Quote of the Day, Dec 17, 2008

Given the recent successes and failures of organizations engaging in social media (think Obama and Motrin respectively), how can businesses guarantee their strategy will win? The bottom line is they can’t. Much is made of the cocktail party analogy. It’s fair enough. But when it comes to social media, many businesses are a stranger in a strange land, truly venturing into unknown territory (most people have at least had conversations before joining one at a cocktail party). So I rather enjoyed this piece of advice from Lifehacker’s Jason Fitzpatrick. When venturing into social media, organizations can do well if they blend in (without hiding who they are), and by learning a few words of the local language, but above all understanding the culture.

“Try to speak the language. Why not try to make an effort to speak the local language? It’s a sign of respect and appreciation of the local culture. Learn a few basic words like “Hello”, “Please” and “Thank you”. Nobody will mind if your accent is not perfect; the fact that you’ve been willing to speak their language, even when you could well have spoken yours, is a thing that many people appreciate in tourists.”

— Jason Fitzpatrick
Avoid Looking Like a Tourist

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