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Sixty of the top 100 Twitter users are bloggers. The analysis takes the top 100 Twitter users as measured by the number of followers. In April 2008, a list was created from the website Twitterholic, which ranks Twitter users by the number of followers.

According to my categorization, the breakdown for the number of users in the top 100 is as follows:

Blogger      60
Corporate   25
Celebrity*    5
Developer    5
Twitterer      4

*Includes politicians. 

Of course, the number of followers is only one measure. It does not necessarily indicate the usefulness of the Twitterer. I am working on a different measure that will provide another metric to evaluate usefulness. 

One caveat, the list is in flux. Barack Obama was recently toppled from the top ranked position by Leo Laporte. (As of today, Twitterholic appears to be malfunctioning—the usually high ranked users are missing from the Top 100 list.)

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  1. Bloggers have the most to gain from using Social Networking – and early bloggers usually had more technical skills (because you need them to tweak even free blogs).

    Eventually there will be more people offering turn-key WP blogs so bloggers can focus on writing and leave the technical details to someone else.

    There is plenty of room for more bloggers to share what they know about blogging and online marketing. I hope everyone will drop by the do follow blog GrowMap and say hello.

    Comment by Internet Strategist — December 8, 2008 @ 11:45 pm

  2. @Internet Strategist Good points. Top bloggers tend to be early adopters, so it seems logical that they would have tried Twitter, and being communicators, quickly realized its benefits.

    Comment by Roger — December 9, 2008 @ 12:21 pm

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