Chance, change and quality: the impact of social media content

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Quote of the Day, Nov 26, 2008

It’s interesting to reflect that the power of social media is that it democratizes decsion-making, whether it is a product, brand, service or politician. Brian Clark makes the point that a conversation can grow around an issue or topic irrespective of how the initial conditions are set. A simple 140 character Tweet, for example, can lead to a Fortune 500 company pulling a multi-million dollar ad campaign, as demonstrated by the recent Motrin debacle. You could argue that only a few Twitterers were upset with the ad, and the company over-reacted. But would you have taken the chance?

“…social media is all about users deciding what’s worthwhile instead of relying on mass media or advertising to dictate to us. But the real issue is that users often decide to give a message a chance based on initial indicators that have nothing to do with the actual quality of the content.”

— Brian Clark

How to Change the World Using Social Media

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