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Quote of the Day, Nov 13, 2008

Second Life company Linden Labs has got a bad rap recently from its difficulty in developing a viable business model, and  over-optimistic projections. But  its technology is ground-breaking and offers new ways for users to interact virtually.

“Giving people licence to develop, to build, is incredibly empowering and the root of real innovation. This [Second Life] grid model is all about democratisation of innovation and now as a society we have to look at how we take that and make it truly democratic by engaging with the digitally excluded. … If you blinked during the last 10 years then the world changed around you while your eyes were closed. And that spirit of innovation will continue in the West but we haven’t even tapped into the potential of more than two-thirds of the world’s population. … We’re a planet using only 20% of its brain.”

— Philip Rosedale, co-founder of Second Life

The Tech Lab: Philip Rosedale

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