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Discarding the handcuffs of ethnic origin

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Quote of the Day, Oct 14, 2008

In her blog post “What color is the social web?” Beth Kanter addresses the issue of racial integration into the social media ecosystem. Given that under-represented groups tend to have less access to computers and the internet, they are indeed under-represented online as well. But to what extent? For the moment, that question seems unanswered.

“These intellectual challenges to mainstream and other viewpoints are some of the opinions Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander-American, and black bloggers are exposing on a growing number of sites focused on social, political, and cultural issues. … But often these bloggers discard the handcuffs of their ethnic origins to tackle subjects affecting a range of racial or ethnic groups.”

— Vanessa E. Jones, The Boston Globe

Blog is beautiful

Thanks to Beth Kanter for the link to the original article.

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