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Quote of the Day, Dec 10, 2008

Social media, in particular microblogging tools such as Twitter, offers the possibility of one-on-one conversations with anyone who is interested in your product or service. Marketers have taken a keen interest in the potential for connecting with the most influential members of this audience, so-called influencers. As Nick Hayes recognizes, being able to influence the influencers can provide a much higher ROI than simply broadcasting your message, whether through social media or traditional channels. The key, then, is to understand exactly how to message such influencers, to ensure they become evangelists for your brand, rather than disdainfully (sometimes arrogantly) rejecting your approaches out of hand.

“While few people have argued about the importance of influencers over the past few years, we’ve been surprised at how reticent many organizations have been to adopt influencer practices. … These days, especially with all of us reading of an economic downturn, organizations know that they have to change from their traditional spend allocation, so there’s a greater willingness to do something different. And targeting a company’s business influencers now fits the bill of being refreshingly different and measurably beneficial in sales terms.”

— Nick Hayes, founder of Influencer50

Companies Waste Billions by Influencing the Wrong Influencers

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