Is advertising on social networks dead?

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A just-released study shows that consumers are more influenced by what they read on blogs than they are on social sites.

Not too surprising. As Enid Burns on The ClickZ Network points out, bloggers are often seen as experts and therefore able to influence opinions about a product.

So is marketing on social networks dead? Not yet. Advertisers may shift their product-specific messages to bloggers, but brand conscious companies will still rely on social networks to reinforce brand messaging.

The sheer volume of traffic on social networks compared with blog sites provides marketers with channels that can raise the visibility of the brand much more than advertising on a blog.

The consequence? Niche advertising and brand messaging will begin to diverge. Marketers and Web site managers will need to recognize the differentiation and respond accordingly to optimize ROI.

No need to exaggerate the death of advertising on social networks just yet. (Apologies to Mark Twain.)

Study: Blogs Influence Purchases More Than Social Sites

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