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Thought of the Day, Dec 23, 2008

Sinden Lee reports that Burger King (@theBKlounge) served a cease and desist notice to @whoppervirgins via Twitter. The user @whoppervirgins (whoever that is) co-opted a Burger King ad campaign’s key theme to tweet about various silliness, only loosely connected to the brand. There are two points here. First, perhaps BK should be pleased that someone took note of the campaign and began a Twitter account revolving around it. Here is a brand evangelist that the company should be cultivating, not quashing. The second point is that it’s not especially remarkable for BK to tweet its notice directly to the offending party. When a major corporation routinely tweets such legal notices to users on matters unrelated to Twitter activity, that will be remarkable.

“Who knew you could serve legal notices on [social networking] sites? BK’s Twitter account sent a notice to WhopperVirgins — presumably an account set up by someone outside the Whopper king’s official domain.”

— Sinden Lee
Burger King Serves Cease and Desist Notice Via Twitter

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