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Got ego? Measure your Twitter influence with twInfluence!

But more seriously, twInfluence is a powerful tool that allows you to gauge the relative influence of any Twitterer.

This is important for two reasons.

  • As more and more people inhabit the Twittersphere, you will need to be increasingly selective about who you choose to follow (whether through your own research or reciprocal following).
  • If you are a business concerned about your online reputation, and a Twitterer is praising or dissing your products you want to understand whether or not it is worth responding.

twInfluence uses the Twitter API to measure the combined influence of a Twitterer and his or her followers.

Top Twitterers are influential on Twitter, because their Tweets are followed by thousands. But it’s not just the total number of followers that count, the followers of the followers are important, since they will see reTweets posted by the first level followers.

What’s your twInfluence?


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