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My Christmas tradition

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Okay, so there’s no social media in this post, but Christmas is about being social and also about tradition, and it seems there is no such thing as a traditional online activity, so I’ll share with you what we have planned for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It’s not original, but comes from our family tradition. (Is that what Christmas is about? Tradition to mark time, the passing of the seasons, and family to renew bonds and friendships?) Christmas was always to me a special, magical time and I want to keep some of that intact as my years pass by.

Before Christmas

  1. Buy presents
  2. Buy/open Christmas cards
  3. Make Christmas cake

Christmas Eve

  1. Put up tree
  2. Decorate tree
  3. Put presents under tree
  4. Ice the Christmas cake (made a few weeks back)
  5. Decorate the cake with cute little decorations
  6. Finish wrapping gifts
  7. Last minute shopping (there’s always something!)
  8. Attend midnight mass or evening service (where available)

Christmas Day

  1. Wake up feeling anticipation
  2. Check out what Santa put in the stocking (this usually includes tangerine or orange in the bottom, a couple of walnuts and assorted toys and candy)
  3. Toast the day with a champagne cocktail (such as a mimosa, also called Buck’s Fizz)
  4. Play a Christmas carols CD
  5. Full English breakfast (bacon or sausage, eggs, fried tomato, baked beans, toast and marmalade and a nice cuppa)
  6. Open presents under the tree
  7. Play with presents :)
  8. Walk in the park or somewhere quiet
  9. Back home for a light lunch
  10. Open more presents (if lucky enough to have that many)
  11. Begin to prepare Christmas dinner (typically a roast animal or part thereof, roast potatoes, parsnips, a green veg such as brussel sprouts and stuffing)
  12. Pull Christmas crackers. Tell silly jokes, wear dorky hats.
  13. Eat Christmas dinner
  14. Eat Christmas pudding (usually embedded with coins for good luck, and ensuring the dish was not gulped down), mince pies and Christmas cake
  15. If not completely stuffed, finish with a piece of chocolate, and a warming liqueur or fortified wine
  16. Pass out somewhere comfy

Boxing Day

  • Usually a time to recover and prepare mentally for the next onslaught of alcoholic merrymaking on New Year’s Eve. Perhaps visit friends and relatives

There you have it. That’s our traditional Christmas. How is yours different? Do you even have a tradition, or think it is important?

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