Neurotic hive-mind needs virtual therapist

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Quote of the Day, Dec 9, 2008

I’ve commented on how Twitter is a window into panconsciousness, or our hive-mind. But as Xeni Jardin points out, like our own consciousness, it’s all too easy for the panconscious to descend into irrational panic and neuroses. Now what’s going to be the social web’s virtual therapist?

“Our collective hive-mind gets into a tizzy over other things that suddenly zoom into focus. It’s a hurricane! OMG, salmonella in the hamburgers! Wait, we’re all fat! There is an escalation of attention that feeds itself, because this recession is appearing throughout all forms of digital human expression. And unlike any of those other topics, this affects everyone.”

— Xeni Jardin, editor at Boing Boing

Stoking Fear Everywhere You Look
by David Carr

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