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Thought of the Day, Dec 24, 2008

It seems change is a theme up there in the North Pole as well. In this interview with Mrs. Claus, Nancy Blackmon highlights the efforts of Santa and his elves to make every child happy at Christmas. With ever more products (not to mention ever more children) our modern world vastly complicates managing all this demand. Luckily, Santa has adopted new technology, helping him keep track of letters, packages and delivery schedules. Unfortunately, some children forget to ask Santa or it’s impossible for him to get to them for one reason or another. (You can help by contributing through Christmas Future.)

“One of the biggest changes and something that has helped streamline things is the use of computers and the Internet. It makes it so easy for Santa to communicate with his helpers all over the world, and he has quite a lot of them you know. We also get a lot of letters by e-mail and that is a big change.”

— Mrs. Claus
(Interviewed by Nancy Blackmon)
Mrs. Claus spills beans on Santa

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