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Quote of the Day, Dec 11, 2008

How wonderful to get a contrarian view. This time it’s from Jeremy Toeman at Stage Two Consulting (whose website includes mysterious statements such as “We form like Voltron” but maybe that was just a browser glitch). Jeremy’s beef is that “social media” is a ghastly generalization that allows consultants to exploit vulnerable ignorant marketers. But that seems to neglect the crucial point that there are a lot of marketers out there who are relatively naive about social media (whatever it means). More useful perhaps would be an understanding that social media is simply an umbrella term to describe “a range of technologies that allow interactive exchange of information.” Jeremy might be pleased to know that in my presentations to clients I define social media as just that. I invite fellow social media consultants to feel free to borrow, modify, plagiarize my definition as needed to exploit marketeers as needed.

“The same way any generalization creates issues (such as racism, elitism, etc), [the term “social media”] creates a certain amount of sensationalism around something. … Today social media consultants can charge a boatload of fees to marketeers who are unfamiliar in the space.  Fundamentally, many of their techniques will fail, not due to a lack of trying or expertise, but simply because there are too many round pegs being shoved into square holes…”

— Jeremy Toeman

I Hate Social Media 

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