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Social networking meets social conscience

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Are you a Twitter fritterer? Or do you waste too much time on Facebook or MySpace?

A new social networking site might help quiet your nagging conscience. The new site suggests ways you can help to fight the deadly disease, malaria.

As reported today in the science journal aims to help in the stuggle against malaria. Rather than throwing buckets of money at big name Western research institutes, the new website aims to give smaller locally-based African projects a bigger profile.

Relying on grass-roots support from people who are concerned about poverty and disease, the website hopes to fund in-country research that would otherwise be overlooked by the big funders such as the Gates Foundation or NIH.

The site provides profiles of projects that individuals (that’s you and me!) can evaluate and choose to support.

How wonderful that Africa is providing leadership, in developing a new concept. Here, science is coming full circle. For centuries, scientists relied on the largesse of individual benefactors for funding, until government systematized and formalized the funding process.

Through this innovative use of social networking, Africans are showing us that science should again look to individuals directly for support when necessary. In this case, however, the relatively small amounts requested, from $10 up, allow anyone to participate—it is the democratization of science funding.

Such a paradigm is especially important in a research field such as malaria, given that it primarily affects populations in poor developing countries. Big money is needed to solve such a pervasive and persistent disease, but there is much good science being done locally.

It is time African researchers are recognized and supported for their work. Kudos to for taking this innovative approach. This is social networking with a truly socially-relevant purpose.


Original report in Nature 

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  1. Hi
    yes – we have been developing a social network with a socially aware conscience – though its not much yet – keep your eye on it as we really want it to help people in need and people that cany help themselves – its taken 4 years to develop (2004) and this doesnt contain its ’causes’ features yet but it soon will – its at
    all the best and let us know how we can improve it:)

    Comment by jen — November 9, 2008 @ 1:11 pm

  2. Thanks Jen. Let me know if you’d like help promoting the site.

    Comment by Roger — November 10, 2008 @ 2:45 pm

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