The dangers of oversharing

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Quote of the Day, Nov 18, 2008

When I first encountered social network sites, I was amazed, indeed aghast, at the kinds of material people would post to their profiles. Those people are either very dumb or naive, I thought, or they have a lot of guts or dont’ care. In any case, anyone looking at that page is going to make a value judgment. Since those early days, I have advocated a social profile as a personal advertisement, part of your personal brand. Or at least a public persona. Just as we would not stagger along a downtown street, drunkenly singing a bawdy song, so online we should not (IMHO) present ourselves in a way that we would not want ANYONE to see.

“People need to be particularly zealous, I think, to make sure that they’re making an appropriate appearance on their social networking sites. … If they happen to find themselves between jobs or are out there actively looking, the chances are much greater that a prospective employer is going to be out there taking a look and trying to get a sense of what you’re about.”

— Glenn Patton

On Web, social sites can sometimes bite

By Lorenzo Perez, News & Observer

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