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The Earth is not flat

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Quote of the Day, Dec 2, 2008

In his book, The World Is Flat, Thomas Friedman argues that globalization eliminates competition between countries, and instead allows different cultures to compete on the same playing field. But by the same token, social media and social networks allow conglomeration of cultures and thought structures. We will tend to glom together with our “tribe” (one of Seth Godin’s metaphors), a tendency facilitated by social technology. Thus the world becomes round and bumpy — much like real life.

To add to Ms. Stirland’s quote below, I paraphrase”social networks and internet toolswill transform the landscape of culture.”

“Andrew Rasiej, TechPresident’s founder, put his view out there in stark relief: Politicians’ growing awareness of the power of social networks and internet tools will transform the business of politics in the same way that the realization that the earth is round transformed the maritime industry.”

— Sarah Lai Stirland

The Obama Campaign: A Great Campaign, Or The Greatest?

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