To be or not to be who we want

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Thought of the Day, Dec 22, 2008

It’s curious how our identity seems to be this fixed concept that stays with us throughout our lives. (I am always “me.”) Yet our personalities shift and change from day to day, or even during the day. (Are you a morning grouch?) But with the Web we can take on whatever identity or personality we choose. We can create our persona. So Richard Millington chose to become Nelson Mandela. And Janet (anonymously) chose to become a (fake) representative of Mobil Exxon. (See article by Jeremiah Owyang.) From the day of my first foray into social media, I viewed my online profiles as a personal advertisment, my brand. I had had my own website online since 2000 (Jungle Photos) and, realizing that there are no closed doors online, figured that my online persona was what I chose to project to the world. Our brand is what we choose. So now we have the power, as never before, to be who we want ourselves to be, to create who we are.

“If I’m really determined to impersonate Nelson Mandela, I’m going to find a way to do it.”

— Richard Millington
How I became Nelson Mandela


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