Top 21 product brands on Facebook

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Here are the top 21 product brands on Facebook in order of the number of fans of their pages.

Surprises? Windows Live Messenger (a Microsoft product!?) is number 3. Kinder Surprise (a non-US product) is number 5. It and several other international brands make the list. Three of the top 12 brands (Kinder Surprise, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher) are owned by Ferrero SpA, based in Italy.

Perhaps not so surprising, Coke, Nike and the iPhone make it into the top 20. But why are there are not more US brands in this list? (No auto brands, for example.) Maybe the Italians can teach us something about marketing on Facebook. Or maybe some brands have decided Facebook just isn’t going to give them enough ROI.

What makes these brands’ pages so successful on Facebook? Visit their pages for some ideas. What they share is that they are (1) focused on their audience, (2) understand why they are trying to engage the Facebook audience and (3) their pages are well-designed and intuitive, without gimmicky apps or blatant advertising.

1. Facebook 1,076,662 (Technology Product / Service)
2. Coca-Cola 1,061,170 (Products)
3. Windows Messenger 996,933 (Products)
4. YouTube 951,476 (Products)
5. Kinder Surprise* 813,569 (Food and Beverage)
6. Nutella* 776,503 (Food and Beverage)
7. Apple Students 770,439 (Products)
8. Pringles 743,275 (Food and Beverage)
9. adidas Originals 635,787 (Sports / Athletics)
10. Victoria’s Secret Pink 626,842 (Fashion)
11. Oreo Cookies 624,454 (Food and Beverage)
12. Ferrero Rocher* 586,099 (Food and Beverage)
13. Converse All Star 578,607 (Fashion)
14. Nike Shoes 529,430 (Fashion)
15. Red Flavour Pringles 520,958 (Food and Beverage)
16. iphone 485,278 (Technology Product / Service
17. H&M 480,845 (Products)
18. Converse All Star 463,760 (Fashion)
19. McFlurry* 449,640 (Food and Beverage)
20. Toblerone 441,954 (Products)
21. McDonalds 438,135 (Food and Beverage)

*Denotes international brand generally not available in US.

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  1. Great list.
    Nutella FTW!

    Comment by benrequena — December 2, 2008 @ 2:13 am

  2. This is a pretty interesting list . . . and it implies that either a) most brands really just don’t play well on facebook OR b) most brands haven’t figured out how or why to use facebook to enhance their brand. My team at Humana (see has 2 facebook pages and a new facebook app, but we’re still very much in the learning stage.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Comment by Greg Matthews — December 22, 2008 @ 3:49 pm

  3. @Greg Matthews I would tend to think (b), in that Facebook is flexible enough and has a wide enough audience that most brands should be able to develop a niche, with the right approach. While many of the top 21 are foods, there is a range of other products, notably apparel and technology.

    Comment by Roger — December 23, 2008 @ 1:17 pm

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