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“The game is afoot,” said the famed (fictional) detective Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson, his trusty sidekick. Those of us trying to discern Twitter’s next move are abuzz with rumor and speculation over what’s happening in the Tworld.

First, we saw a link in the profile sidebar to put your Twitter updates on your site. Old hat to old bloggers, but one way of increasing interactivity of Twitter, not to mention free advertising for Twitter on a million and one blogs.

Next, the search bar moves from the lower side bar to the top side bar. Hmm. What’s going on there? Is Twitter getting into the zillion-dollar search market, currently hogged by Google. Twoogle, maybe? In any case, after being off and on for the longest time, Twitter search now seems reliable, and you can search by location too.

On April 10, famed Twitterer Wayne Sutton tweeted:  @Jungleman yep, I think twitter is about to start making some $$$ soon with the changes.

You can be sure TwitterThoughts will tell you what we’re thinking!

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  1. Yup. Ads are coming. Check out link to
    article in TechCrunch.

    Comment by Roger — April 15, 2008 @ 2:23 pm

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