Twitter’s big mistake: side bar navigation changes

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I love Twitter. But the service has just removed one of its most useful features—being able to track the number of followers and those that you follow.

I know they have server problems, but this is like shooting themselves in the foot to get out of the war. It isn’t deadly, but it sure is painful.

Being able to check your list of followers is key to managing it. Moreover, being able to compare the number of followers versus following helps judge how useful or interesting that user’s Tweets might be.

We can only hope this is a temporary glitch, perhaps deliberate to minimize the load from the WWDC conference ongoing as this is written.


Phew. This is temporary. Information on the Twitter Status website reads:

Some elements of the sidebar temporarily disabled 4 hours ago

We’ll be turning these back on later this afternoon.

Update: The replies, everyone and archive tabs have also been temporarily disabled and will be restored later this afternoon.

The API request limit has been temporarily dropped to 10 per hour. Please configure your clients not to pull more frequently than once every 6 minutes.

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