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Wailing about failing

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Quote of the Day, Dec 17, 2008

Oh dear, is Twitter really the failure that Corvida Raven asserts? While the microblog platform is successful among the Twitterati, she avers that Twitter has failed to engage the masses. True, but it’s early days yet. Disruptive technologies frequently take time to catch on and reach the tipping point. Maybe Twitter’s not there yet, but it seems premature to declare it a failure (the FailWhale notwithstanding!). To my mind, declaring Twitter has failed to hit the mainstream is, at this point, like saying Obama failed to lose the election. Technically true, but not particularly helpful.

“To a certain extent Twitter is a mass failure. … While Twitter is a major hit within our web bubble, it’s a major failure in the real world.”

— Corvida Raven
Why Twitter Has Failed

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