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What to do when Twitter goes down?

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Twitter’s up! Nope, down again. Up, down, up. We’ve all been frustrated when the notoriously unreliable service goes offline. But let’s live with the growing pains for a bit, and instead think what else we can do. Okay, we can catch up on email, surf YouTube or Facebook, or write blog posts.

Or we can try one of the increasing number of Twitter alternatives.

Try searching Twitter with Summize. This app reads Twitter posts and might still be up when Twitter is down. For the June 9 WWDC Apple developers meeting, Twitter teamed with Summize to provide a feed that tracks Apple news based on key words related to the WWDC

When Twitter’s down, some go to FriendFeed to post their wordbites there. FriendFeed is much more than microblogging, however. Basically, Friendfeed aggregates updates on social websites. It’s similar in some ways to Facebook’s Minifeed. You can keep up-to-date on the web pages and media that friends and family are sharing.

A new service, Plurk, offers similar functionality to Twitter but with more bells and whistles. Plurk is similar to Twitter in that you have a 140 character limit on your posts. Its main difference is in the horizontal timeline, rather than vertically ordered Tweets. Plurk offers more functionality, such as color-coding posts, and a way to build your online reputation through “karma,” basically by invited others to use the service.

And if you really can’t live without your 140 character Tweeting use Twiddict to update Twitter when it’s not working. Type in your posts just as you would with Twitter and Twiddict puts them in a queue that is posted when Twitter is online again. But it seems a bit self-glorifying when most of your followers are probably going to skip a long list of backdated tweets in favor of moving to more recent ones, or even an alternative.

Will any of these replace Twitter for good? Probably not, but at least you can keep going during those long boring moments when Twitter is down… again!

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