6 social media trends from the past six months

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Almost halfway through the year, it’s natural to look back and see what’s unfolded over the past six months.

Michelle Goodall (@greenwellys) of Econsultancy asks on LinkedIn, “What have been the key social media/online pr trends over the past 6 months?” Here’s my answer to Michelle’s question.

“Good question, though hard to say which are “key” trends. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Increasing awareness that social media cannot automatically solve all your PR and marketing problems. A strategic approach, with long-term commitment and significant spend is necessary.
  2. Developing mobile websites as intrinsic part of any outreach campaign.
  3. Big social sites (MySpace, Twitter, Facebook) have yet to formulate stable revenue models.
  4. Fragmentation in the social space continues as users turn to specialist social sites and apps.
  5. Increasing integration of Google assets with social applications to better monetize/track activity.

Also I would add, of course, (6) the explosive use of Twitter, and it’s wider recognition as a communications and marketing tool.”

What do you think?


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