Caution – Suspicious Activity on LinkedIn, Please Read

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Hmm. I received an email from Greg Hyer, the admin of a LinkedIn group to which I belong and founder of It seems like Greg is conscientiously alerting us to an issue that is of increasing concern on LinkedIn: spammers.

The individual subject to Greg’s ire has apparently been creating multiple profiles and groups, contravening LinkedIn’s EULA.

Greg alleges that Don “Kevin” Brailsford of the Digital Grapevine in Wilmington, NC “has been creating multiple profiles.” He points out that any LinkedIn member can create and be a manager of 10 groups max. Greg then lists more than a half dozen profiles that appear to have been created by Mr. Brailsford (if that’s his real name) that are associated as a founder or manager of Linked Local In groups. Greg mentions that he has contacted LinkedIn at and asked them to investigate.

The upshot here is that even sites that set a high bar for spammers can be gamed, so it behooves each of us to take care joining groups and linking to others. Greg suggests, “I recommend proceeding with some caution before connecting with a profile or joining a group on LinkedIn. There is [a] level of screening that should be done. LinkedIn recommends that you do not connect with someone unless you have met that person.”

Good advice. We’d be smart to heed it.

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