Facebook’s free tool for translating a site collects user data for ROI

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Facebook just announced a new tool for its social application Facebook Connect. According to their announcement, Translations for Facebook Connect is a “free tool for developers worldwide to simplify the process of translating a website… into any of the languages Facebook currently supports.”

The user logs in to the website via Facebook Connect and the application automatically translates its pages for users on the fly.

How altruistic… Not! Dig deeper. Numerous free Web page translation services exist. Why should FB want to compete? When someone logs in to FB Connect, FB’s servers will have information about which user is using which websites. So of course, the application gives FB data about the kinds of websites the user visits. This enables FB to serve targeted ads on the user’s profile. I think we can safely assume this is the ROI for Facebook. (Shades of Beacon?)

(Thanks to Mashable for the heads up: Facebook Releases Free Tool for Translating Your Site)

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