Firing Britney’s Asshole Social Media Manager

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Thought of the Day, Jan 14, 2009

Being dubbed “Social Media Manager” here at Capstrat, it would be easy to take offense at a comment by “Facemelter” (whatever that means) posted to a blog article about the recent hacking of high profile celebrity accounts on Twitter. But Facemelter does not have a clue what he is talking about. The article describes confusion among Britney Spears’ social media team, including putative firings. Facemelter suggests that any ‘asshole’ social media manager “would have scoffed at” not using Twitter as part of a social media strategy. A social media strategy will take into account the intended audience, the behaviors of interest, the medium in which the conversation is taking place and then, but only then, the tools to communicate with that audience. Such tools may or may not include Twitter, or other microblogging platforms. Before diving into Twitter, a business must consider the ROI, the cost of not doing alternatives, and the appropriate messaging and responses. Then and only then, would a social media manager, asshole or not, recommend using Twitter.

“The only way to prevent the attack would have been to not use Twitter in the first place, which of course, any asshole dubbed ‘social media manager’ would have scoffed at.”

— FaceMelter
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