Mashable is wrong, Facebook does NOT “slam” Twitter

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Today an article in Mashable reported on Facebook’s user stats for its most popular applications. The game Farmville has 69 million monthly actively players according to the data. The article, titled “Facebook Slams Twitter: Farmville Is Bigger Than You” then goes on to compare Twitter’s paltry number of users, projected at only 18 million by the end of the year.

So does Facebook “slam” Twitter? Well, this one’s easy.

First, in terms of meaningful interaction, quality is more important than quantity. Give me a million Twitter users over a million Farmville users any day.

Secondly, this is comparing apples and oranges. I play several Facebook games, and for completely different reasons for why I use Twitter. The collective impact of Twitter users who use it for news, to swap URLs and countless other users is undoubtedly greater than that of Farmville users.

Many of the comments allude to the pointlessness of the comparison. So Mashable really ought to think twice before publishing this kind of article. Perhaps it’s just a ploy to provoke conversation (the article had more than 50 comments when I checked), but it does not contribute to the website’s journalistic integrity or reputation for quality.

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