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Ten steps to becoming a Twitter power user with Hootsuite #4

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Here is the fourth of 10 blog posts on using Hootsuite to become a Twitter power user.

For details about Hootsuite, including a screenshot of the dashboard, see Tuesday’s introductory post. Here’s today’s recommended step:

Step 4. Track multiple feeds
A key feature of Hootsuite is being able to manage several Twitter feeds from the dashboard. The various feeds are displayed as “Columns” on the Hootsuite dashboard. Feeds I find most useful include Home Feed (this corresponds to your Twitter Home page), Mentions (your @mentions) and Pending Tweets. Other useful feeds include Direct Message and Sent Tweets. The Dashboard shows only three columns at a time, but you can scroll horizontally to get to all the columns for any given profile.

To add a feed, click “Add Column.” A pop-up menu (shown below) offers a choice of four tabs (Profile Feed, Keyword Tracking, Search and Group). Profile Feed offers the aforementioned streams plus Favorite Tweets and Sent Tweets. You can also add columns to track keywords and groups (more about that coming up).

Note: a reader kindly suggested that I posted all ten tips at once. When planning this series, I decided to break them down, because a single post would have been really long. There was just too much to put in one post. The last post will have links to all the preceding ones, so you will be able to access all ten steps in one go. Here are the first three.

Step 1. Schedule Tweets

Step 2. Shorten links

Step 3. Use multiple profiles

Next: Step 5. Using Hootsuite Search


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