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Ten steps to becoming a Twitter power user with Hootsuite #6

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Here is the sixth of 10 blog posts on using Hootsuite to become a Twitter power user.

For details about Hootsuite, including a screenshot of the dashboard, see last week’s introductory post. Here’s today’s recommended step:

Step 6. Update multiple online profiles by integrating your Hoots with Ping.fm
You can update multiple online profiles besides Twitter, by integrating Hootsuite with Ping.fm. You enter login information for each profile (usually just the login and password) and the Ping.fm application sends your messages to up to 30 sites. It will send your Hoots/Tweets to your profiles on the most popular sites such as Facebook (including multiple Fan pages), and less-known such as Identi.ca and Plurk (see my blog post on Top Ten Microblogs). Here’s how it works: 

  • Set up your account in Ping.fm
  • Add your profile(s) information to Ping.fm
  • Login to HootSuite and then (see image below):
  1. Click “Settings”
  2. Click the Ping.fm tab
  3. Enter the Authorization code (Click on Application Key link logs you into Ping.fm where you get the key.
  4. Select the profile from which you want send your Hoots to Ping.

Save your settings and you’re done. Send a couple of Hoots/Tweets and make sure they are showing up in your Ping.fm Recent Posts feed. And check they are showing up in your various profiles. Also, if you’re like me and you’ve already started using multiple posting features, be sure you’re not double-posting to some of your profiles. Ping.fm-Hootsuite integration is easy to set up, and once you’re done saves a bunch of time updating multiple social profiles. 

As a side note, some users don’t like to use Ping.fm because you might lose track of conversations on those profiles you don’t check often. So you want to use it carefully, and ensure people who use the less active channels know how they can connect with you.

Step 1. Schedule Tweets

Step 2. Shorten links

Step 3. Use multiple profiles

Step 4. Track multiple feeds

Step 5. Using Hootsuite Search

Next: Step 7. Embed columns into your website

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