The social media ecosystem: lessons from biology

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Millions of blogs, forums, social networks and wikis are created every day. Few of these see many eyeballs beyond their creator’s and fewer still reach widespread audience and become measurably successful (e.g., generate revenue).

I have spent endless hours reading top 10 or top 5 lists of how to improve your blog traffic, how to succeed in social media or generally not make an idiot of yourself online.

And great advice it is, mostly. So it’s not for me to rehash that stuff or make trite recommendations or criticisms.

Rather I would like to share with you my growing awareness of social media as a living system, and thus subject to the principles governing all living systems (that I fortunately learned during undergrad and postgrad years of academic study).

For example, I previously blogged on how the principles of r and K selection can help us assess and implement strategy.

In the coming year, I will continue with this idea and develop additional models that I hope will be of some use to those who like to put some thought into their approach before just jumping in. After all, the social media ecosystem is full of examples of extinction.

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  1. Very true Roger; I very much agree, and it works so well as an ecosystem since it’s about Social Anthropology, it’s about the ability for humans to "organize" socially, which is inherent to our character as human beings..and we do this organically, without structure…

    Comment by Webconomist — January 2, 2009 @ 3:37 pm

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