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Thought of the Day, Jan 13, 2009

I can’t abide absolutism, so a blanket statement such Ben Yoskovitz’s is bound to raise hackles. Ben is making the point, it seems, that Twitter is not a tool to create authority or thought leadership. He’s quite right, but is just stating the obvious. Of course, you can’t have a detailed exposition on X or Y in 140 characters. Ben creates a straw man, then proceeds to knock it down. No big deal there. What would have been more interesting, would be to look at why 60 per cent of top Twitter users are bloggers. Are these trying to create authority and thought leadership through Twitter? Nope. These “thought leaders” and “authorities” see Twitter simply as a vehicle to connect with others and thereby disseminate their content. Many Tweets include links to blogs or other online conent. Why? To share and communicate, not to build authority. Of course, if you spend all your time on FriendFeed or Twitter, as Ben points out, your blog activity is going to diminish. Any mature writer should be able to portion their time appropriately to prioritize what is important to them.

“But you can’t build authority and thought leadership through Twitter or other microblogging services (or aggregator-type services) like FriendFeed. Not unless you previously had some authority and reputation through blogging.”

— Ben Yoskovitz
You Can’t Build Authority and Thought Leadership via Twitter

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