Twitney Spears: Twivia?

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Thought of the Day, Jan 12, 2009

Uh oh! The entertainment industry has discovered Twitter. The recent hacking of high-profile Twitter accounts highlighted the Twitter activity of various personalities, including Britney Spears. Love her or hate her (I tend to the latter camp), the thought of Britney on Twitter suggests that the medium is fast opening up to the mainstream media, if not the public at large. Many deride Twitter as a fad, or only of interest to geeks and bloggers. The initial response is “I just don’t ‘get’ it!” I have blogged here before that the importance of Twitter is that it is a mirror of ourselves. It is what we make of it. If someone wants to follow Britney’s trivia, so be it. But more importantly, such uses of Twitter suggest that it meets a deeper need. To connect, to communicate, to share information — all ever-increasing needs in today’s hyper-complex society. In this light, I see Twitter as a societal phenomenon that manifests the collective conscious (panconciousness), and gives insight into the zeitgeist. Britney’s as much a part of that as any of us.

“Pop singer Britney Spears uses the [Twitter] Web site to give fans updates on her whereabouts around the world. On Dec. 14, 2008, the star Twittered while on tour, writing “I love Japan! I think all the tiny cars are so cute!” On Jan. 5, 2009, Spears’ Twitter account was reportedly hacked, and an obscene message was sent to the singer’s fans.”

— ABC News

Celebrities ‘Twitter’ to Connect

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