Twitter power: A lesson for AT&T

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Thought of the Day, Jan 15, 2009

Big companies are having trouble getting it right these days. And it seems Twitter is showing up vulnerabilities quicker than ever. The Johnson & Johnson Motrin mom debacle took a few days to unfold, and explode. Now AT&T is getting its knuckles rapped over unwanted SMS messages plugging American Idol. Two lessons here. One, social media is unforgiving and it’s immediate. Did the AT&T team think through their campaign? That the very phones used to receive their unwanted message could also be used to send complaints directly to Twitter, that would be read by thousands in a matter of minutes? Two, Web 2.0 connects all aspects of modern communications, something we might expect AT&T to have realized. Businesses cannot use one medium without considering others, needing to contextualize their communication activities within an overall plan. Get a strategy, folks!

“AT&T sent a ‘significant number’ of customers a promotional text this week telling recipients to ‘Get ready for American Idol’… recipients were not charged for the message … but that didn’t stop people from complaining on Twitter about the messages.”

— Tricia Duryee
AT&T’s American Idol Text Message Promotion Out Of Key

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