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Wow, more than a month has passed since I posted here, and much has happened, including my birthday. (Thank you all Facebook friends for your kind thoughts!)

There’s not going to be much social media in this post, but I just wanted to give you all a heads up. The fact is I have been insanely busy on two awesome projects (plus others) at Capstrat. One is Name Your Dream Assignment, which is a great promo we thought up to help Lenovo sell their W700 notebook, and with it Microsoft’s Vista. Just Google it to learn more.

My other big project is developing a social media strategy for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. I feel very privileged to have an opportunity to help such a distinguished organization. Well it’s coming out around 100 pages. What’s that you say, “Duh, just set up a Facebook page.” Okay, well that is in the plan, but I’m not giving any more secrets! Suffice to say I am on the last section, measuring social media impact, delving into the arcane world of engagement metrics… Okay, it’s just bang for the buck, but then the buck has to stop somewhere!

Anyway, apologies for the hiatus. I’ll be back soon, with more juicy social media tidbits. You can’t imagine what I have learned in the past month!

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