Facebook privacy concerns aren’t impacting traffic

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The recent kerfuffle over Facebook’s privacy blunders hasn’t impacted traffic, according to stats company Compete.com.

According to data published by the company in an email, daily reach for Facebook is up over last month and unique visitors reached an all time high of 135MM in April (see charts below).

Calls for people to quit Facebook over its privacy policies (or inadequacies thereof) have got a lot of buzz online and in the mainstream press, including an interview with Mashable’s Pete Cashmore on PBS’s Newshour last night. In the interview, Cashmore said that “There’s not a lot of evidence that users fully understand their [Facebook privacy] settings.”

But overall, the confusion among users and negative attention in the press hasn’t translated into loss of face for Facebook. People just can’t get enough of the social networking site, apparently. And they keep on coming. Compete’s email refers to a New York Times article that points out previous Facebook user protests have not affected the company, which continues “to add new users at a record clip.”

Facebook traffic, April 2008 to April 2010

 Facebook reach, April 24 to May 24, 2010

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