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Hootsuite adds link preview feature

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One criticism of the browser-based Twitter management application Hootsuite is that you cannot see the website URL that a shortened URL links to (i.e., in the bar at the bottom of your browser window, the link simply shows up as the URL you mouse over). So you have little idea of the linked page’s content without actually clicking the URL and visiting the site.

PROBLEM: Mousing over the URL shows only the linked URL in the browser bar. You can only guess at the linked content.

To be fair, this criticism applies to Twitter itself. In any case, Hootsuite has added a feature that magnificently addresses this problem. Tweets that appear in your feed columns with URLs now have a little plus sign next to the URL. Mouse over the plus sign and a popup appears with the title, website domain and an excerpt from the first few words of the linked page. This is much better than just a cryptic URL. Neat!

SOLUTION: Mouse over the plus sign next to the URL in Hootsuite and a pop-up previews the link

Hootsuite has gone beyond the call of duty here. This update provides an invaluable tweak to its already excellent interface. 

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