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The most compelling reason to hire outside help in planning and implementing a social media strategy

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The Internet is buzzing with hype about social media “experts” and who is or isn’t qualified to advise on or manage a social media strategy for business.

To address this issue, I posted a brief article on my blog TwitterThoughts about why an organization should hire outside help to develop its social media presence. The bottom line is that big promises and wild claims can rarely if ever be followed through.

So why should you hire outside help?

The most compelling reason to hire outside expertise is that your organization needs to understand how it is being perceived by its audience. This is practically impossible to do internally. You need to understand how the outside world sees you. And the best way to do this is to have someone who can objectively assess and report on your organization’s social media presence. An internal review is a good place to begin, but cannot replace a external evaluation.

Read the blog post to learn more.

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