Social media services…

…in plain language.

We can talk the lingo. But you want to know in plain talk what you get for your money.

Whatever the size of your company you want to connect with people who impact your business. You want to communicate effectively and efficiently with your customers, vendors and employees. Here’s how we can help you.

  • Provide sparkling content that is search optimized and that will enhance your social signal (content marketing)
  • Showing you what people are saying about your product or service online (reputation analysis)
  • Helping you understand your online reputation and how to keep tabs on it (online monitoring)
  • Offering advice on the best approaches to using social media to create buzz and generate leads (social media marketing)
  • Providing insight into how people see your brand online (brand analysis)
  • Giving you proven techniques to boost your placement in search results (SEO)

To accomplish this we offer several programs:

  • Evaluate your needs and resources to provide a custom social media plan for your business‚Ä®Provide you with social media training programs tailored to your specific needs
  • Help you plan for and understand how to deal with social media conversations about you (positive or negative)
  • Recommend social media metrics so you can tell whether you’re making money from using social media
  • Counsel you on best practices for a range of social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Coaching on creating your personal brand and how to mix that with your business branding

Sometimes you just want to get started on something small. Here are some quick turnkey projects for us to get started.

  • Word cloud of your business $105 (What’s a word cloud?)
  • Custom 404 page $165 (What’s a 404 page?)
  • Facebook page setup $190
  • Twitter timeline setup $55 ($160 with custom graphics)
  • Website review and assessment $255

So that’s a summary of our services. We can do more. Just call for a free consultation, and we’ll be happy to help.