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Video killed the cartoon star: Disney’s social media disaster

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Donald Duck is sure to be mad with what Disney has done to his classic cartoonsI just love those classic cartoons. You know, Roadrunner, Sylvester the Cat, and, of course, Disney’s famed cast of characters.

But Disney have made a big mistake trying to “modernize” some of their classics, notably Donald Duck, in a series called “Blam!” The videos provide a voiceover that humorously points out Donald’s misdeeds and mistakes in a way that Disney evidently presumes is palatable to today’s youngsters.

Unfortunately, Disney’s misguided effort has fallen, true to cartoon form, flat on its face.

On YouTube, comments on one video, unimaginatively titled And Another Blam! go the whole way. Here’s a few:

  • ahermit Annoying and insulting. Whose stupid idea was it to do this?!
  • BrianSchultze There is a special place in hell reserved for the person who approved this. 
  • sbl195207 …I had no idea that my childhood was being raped.
  • r3dk9 This is the worst thing. Ever.
  • electrojones This is spectacularly lousy in every way. 
  • FrankieSmileShow Oh my god. What the fuck is this. This ruined my day.

And so on. Not one of the 157 comments (at the time of writing) can be in any way construed as positive.

And serious bloggers (well, as serious as they can get) are lambasting the effort left and right. Cartoon Brew says “ These Blam! episodes, which are probably named so because the viewer wants to blam their head off after watching them, destroy the spirit of the Disney cartoons and over-explain every joke to the point where it becomes unfunny.” The 103 comments on that post are similarly unimpressed with Disney.

Cartoon forums such as are also buzzing with negative response to the Blam! videos. 

Could Blam! be Disney’s big social media disaster? Disney’s heading over the cliff, but its executives won’t be laughing about it.

Ode to Twitter (and Tweeple)

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Oops! I am feeling guilty. Today I forgot to post any Tweets! Uh oh. Anyway I was so racked by guilt that I composed a short poem.

Today I forgot about Twitter,
About that I don’t feel a bit bitter.
Because although I love that little bird
Sometimes it seems a bit absurd,
To spend so much effort on an endless time sink,
Worrying what all you wonderful Tweeple think.
Well, the last line is a bit tongue-in-cheek. The thoughts and opinions of my followers and those I follow on Twitter are tremendously important to me. When I reflect on the almost two years I have been on Twitter, I have to say it has enriched my online life in ways I could not have imagined pre-Twitter. So thank you, everyone, thank you.

Halloween surprise: Twick or Tweet!

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For my 700 plus followers on Twitter (I love you all!) I have a Halloween surprise for you! From 7:00 am EST on October 30 until 12:00 midnight (the witching hour, of course!) I will post a Halloween-related tweet on the hour every hour. You can track the tweets using the hashtag #twickortweet. Most (not all!) are kid-friendly and SFW so join me for some scary fun! (If you’re not already, follow me on Twitter.)