What is social media?

If you are considering social media as a marketing strategy it is likely you have lots of questions. I am here to help!

To get you started, let’s cover some basics. So what is social media? Essentially it is technology that allows online communities to share information. If you want more detail, this Wikipedia article provides a good introduction. Wikipedia: Social Media

In a recent blog post (Four word definition of social media), I discuss the definition of social media. It really depends on the context. For example, in a response to a question about defining social media, LinkedIn users emphasized its utility for marketing to people. But a word cloud of the text from the Wikipedia article emphasizes the four words: community, information, sharing and technologies.

A common assumption is that social media is Facebook or Twitter, and perhaps LinkedIn. But social media is so much more, and a broader understanding will help us work together so that we can develop a strategy and implement tactics that will achieve your business goals.

To keep up with the latest developments in social media, visit TwitterThoughts. It’s my regular blog. I shares news, insights and thoughts about social media (not just Twitter!). You can also keep up with news on our news feed page piped direct from Google.

Here we provide resources that will help you explore social media for yourself. For a more thorough introduction to social media, Harris Social Media offer a series of training programs customized to your specific needs.

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